Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day Number 20 - Missed Opportunities

So, I just wrote a long post and self esteem and self worth, and it got a little too woe is me, a little too personal, so I deleted it.  So I'll just ask you all who read this: What is your drive for taking care of yourselves?  What helps you to feel as though you are worth your own time and energy?  I need to make some changes in my life, and any help you all could provide would be wonderful.  Thanks!



Tricia in Massachusetts said...

It's really, really easy for me to noodle around on the computer for hours, or skip breakfast, or take a half-assed shower.

It's also easy for me to eat all day like I'm at a child's birthday party (cookies! chips! pizza! soda!), not exercise, and frankly, not give a shit.

I'm overly sensitive by nature. Sometimes just existing exhausts me. I overthink, overanalyze, overreact on a daily (hourly?) basis. So when it's time for "me", I'm spent. My outlet is to indulge myself in unhealthy ways (like overeating and oversleeping).

My drive for taking care of myself is to avoid the result of all the above behaviors: depression. Once I get in the cycle of "meh", every part of me responds. My mood shifts, I easily get sick, I'm tired (or experience insomnia). It's not fun and it's a REALLY difficult situation to get out of.

The way I break my cycle of neglect is to do what I call "a hard reset". I clean my house, I go grocery shopping, I do laundry. I eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal and snack. I get my heart rate up for at least 10 minutes a day. I limit my computer time. I read more.

I rock this out for about a week, then without fail, my motivation slows down. So I turn to discipline.

Discipline saves your ass when motivation jumps ship.

You're not alone. Lots of us struggle with self esteem and self worth. I'm hoping other will chime in. I could use a little help, too!

Taffy said...

I know that this response will be met with an eyeroll from some...however, I swear by waking up with a positive outlook.
I rarely get alot of sleep, however, I wake up geniually happy virtually everyday. I try and show genuine gratitude for all the things I am blessed with and say "I love you" 100's of times a day, to many people. I actually catch myself from saying it to Taylor every morning, though sometimes I do when I think he needs to hear it.
Of course there are always things to fret about and ponder on, but I know far to many people who allow negativity to control their lives. Serious negativity (to me) is different than "fun" negativity...i.e."her hair is terrifying"

I try to read and walk everyday, for at least a half an hour doing one or more. I also NEVER have the tv on until after dinner, mainly because I have soothing jazz playing all the time in my house.
Taylor has said many times, "your house puts me to sleep" I wear that as a badge of pride. I want my home, my sanctuary to be restfull. Relaxing. My chores are done, everyday. Because I hate waking up to dirty dishes and I HATE seeing an unmade bed.

I really do think, again, for me, planning and follow through really do help in a happy, relaxing day. And many happy, relaxing days lend themselves to a happy outlook.
Alot of people worry about money, however nothing I mentioned as a way of positivity costs a thing.
Saying "please and thank you" FREE
Walking. Free
I love you. Free
Smiling. Free
Having Taylor to make your laugh. Priceless