Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day, # 19 - Cough Cough Sniff

So I stayed home today from work due to sickness.  It's something that I rarely do, but I woke up with a feeling of gas shard in my throat and my head felt thick and airy all at the same time.  I called the office, spoke with my supervisor, and went back to bed, waking at 1pm.  Feeling slightly better, I got up, farted around on the computer briefly, then proceeded to play Lego Batman 3 for hours!  I actually beat the main campaign of the game (seemed AWFULLY short) and now I am going through and getting the extra characters and what not to try and complete 100% of the game.

Being off today reminded me of some other sick days I've taken in the past.

Flu shot - late 90's - I had a flu shot for work because it seemed the right thing to do - I was a case manager for an AIDS service organization and did not want to get any of my clients sick.  As a result, I got the flu - I may have been the sickest I have ever been, losing 2+ weeks of work.  It was horrible. I think I may have been living with Rodan at the time, and I remember him coming in to check on me when he got done with work after 2 in the morning and we would talk for a while before he would head back to his room to go to sleep.  Clearly, this was something one can only do in their 20s, when you don't need to sleep like you do now.  If, in my 40s, Rodan came in my room at 1:30 in the morning, I would kill him.  But not before asking how the hell he got in my house.

Chicken Pox - 1982(ish).  I remember hearing about this chicken pox thing going around when I was a kid and thinking it had something to do with soup.  I also know NOW that my mother gathered a group of the neighborhood kids to come to our house once the outbreak started, assuming that all of us would give it to each other.  I was one of the first to contract it.  My mom had said that she could see the little bumps starting one night before bedtime, and I woke up the next morning to my mother saying "WHOA!" when I came to her room.  I remember looking in the mirror and being COVERED with bumps and scabs.  not picking them was hard, but it was easy to distract myself with comic books and game shows I couldn't normally watch during the day (NoWhammiesNoWhammiesNoWhammiesSTOP!).  I remember that on the day that I was finally safe to be outside, my mother took me grocery shopping with her, and that was the first day I ever got to play Pac Man at the Thriftway.  And so, a love's boy of video games begun.....

Side note on the pox story - I only have one scar from chicken pox and it's on my forehead.  My sister  only has one scar and it's ALSO on her forehead in about the same place.

What were some of your favorite sick days stories?

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