Friday, November 7, 2014

Ok, So Post A Day Numbah 7 - Another Question By Trish!

"If finances were not an issue, where in the world would you like to travel?"


Europe.  Specifically the following:
Italy.  All of it.

That's it. There really isn't any sort of reason why, but that would be what I would want to see one day.  I romanticize it in my head (as I'm pretty sure most people do), but I would want to go to Paris in winter and Italy in the summer, and London any time.

I also love the idea of being in an amazing log cabin in the middle of nowhere.  I want electricity.  I want running water.  I want a little store I can get to when I need to for matches, a newspaper and entenmann's chocolate frosted donuts.  And I would bring a bunch of books and a really warm coat so that I could lay on a reclining patio chair and read.

A shorter post today (I'm on call this weekend, so posting may be tough), but thanks for the post idea.  I may expound on this in a later entry!


Tricia in Massachusetts said...

I would love to visit London, too!

Alexi said...

If PIMC ever comes to the UK, I will take you all for some proper British pints down London town!