Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ok, So Blog Post A Day Numbah 6 - Top Ten Rides at Walt Disney World (Taylor Edition)

So some guy named Satyr
sent me an email that states he'd like to know what my top ten rides/attractions are at Walt Disney World.  Seems he thinks I've been there a time or two.

I was surprised with how easy I was able to come up with the top ten, but found it harder to rank them, save my number 1 choice.  So, other than number 1, which will be at the end of the list, they will appear in no particular order.

(It's important to note that he asked me to ask Taffy to post HER top ten as well, but I wanted to do mine first.  Hopefully, she'll read this and respond in her own post.)

So, without further ado....

Toy Story Midway Mania (Disney's Hollywood Studios)  One of two rides in the parks that allow for my competitive side to emerge (the other being Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin), the game allows for me to jerk the ball and sting (no really) to throw baseballs at dishes, hoops around aliens and darts at balloons for points.  Considering I've been practicing for this ride since I was about 14, it makes sense that I would enjoy it.  The queue line for this is great (but long) with oversized copies of all sorts of games from the 50s through the 90s

Living With The Land (EPCOT)  A relaxing ride through the types of land we have on the planet that segways into a green house with various vegetables and plants that Disney uses for food prep and ecology.  It's a very relaxing ride that almost never has a long line, and will often inspire me to want to grow something in my backyard.  Granted, that inspiration almost immediately goes away once I SEE my backyard, but still.....

Soarin' (EPCOT)  An IMAX type movie that suspends you and makes you feel like you are hand gliding through California is always a fun couple of minutes with great music and scents being pumped into the fan over your head for a more complete experience.  Oh, and  hot Patrick Warburton instructing you on safety requirements in the beginning doesn't hurt either.....

Rock-N-Roller Coaster (Disney's Hollywood Studios)  A the first of a few roller coasters on this list.  The first take off from 0 to 60 in 2. something seconds always is a rush, and the fact that you are through the first loop before you realize it makes this coaster amazing (That being said, Illyana Douglas' performance in the pre ride show is the (not good) stuff of legends that we have talked about on the show quite a few times. "Hey. Guys....."

Expedition: Everest (Animal Kingdom)  Animal Kingdom's only entry on this list, it is the one coaster that appears to have a story that is IN the ride itself.  I am pretty sure it is also the highest and steepest coaster on property.  If you get in the single rider line for this one, you are almost destined to get on the coaster in a third of the time it takes for the standby line.

The Haunted Mansion (Magic Kingdom)  I love this ride for a few reasons.  1.) It's SO frigging kitschy and has so much of it's "horror" elements based on the 1970's idea of what would scare kids.  The few places where they have updated the technology actually take a way from the ride a little bit - I feel they stand out.  It's also a great place to get out of the heat and into a series of dark cool rooms with Babaloo, where, not gonna lie, we may have made out juuuust a little bit a time or two.

Spaceship Earth (EPCOT) AKA The Big Golf Ball.  As Judi Dench teaches you about the history of the world, you can watch animatronics talk with Roman soldiers, paint the Sistine Chapel, sell you newspapers or look funky in yellow tights with a 1970s computer.  I think that if Taffy and I were on this ride with a gun to our heads, we could recite the entire monologue word for word.  Thank the Phoenicians!  They invented it!

Hall of Presidents (Magic Kingdom)  Now, before you cry foul, technically it is an attraction, and one that I very much enjoy for a couple of reasons.  The Haunted Mansion rule applies here (dark, cool) and after an upgrade a few years ago with President Obama's inauguration, the accompanying film (narrated by Morgan Freeman) is patriotic and inspirational.  I've seen every president's speech in this attraction since Reagan, and propaganda or not, it makes me proud to be American (I do often wonder what non American visitors think of this ride.  Anyone?  Anyone?)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom) A roller coaster that people tend to forget about a little bit because of it's location and "difficulty" to get to, Big Thunder Mountain is quite fast and all over the place.  It's loud and jumpy and fun enough for adults and kids alike.  The clacking noise and forced perspective on some of the drops are fun and add to the light heartedness of the ride.  I also used to enjoy this ride because it was one that Tank and I would often go on when he had an annual pass (Taffy and Babaloo don't care for it).

That's 9, so that brings me to the number one ride......

1.) Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)  Come ON!  How could it NOT be!?!?  The cheesy late 70s decor, the giant Chocolate Chip Cookies projected on the walls to look like asteroids, the same cheesy 1987 video they show over and over and over again when you first get to the main part of the queue?!?  ("Look, it's Elizabeth Schue."  That joke never gets old.) And most important of all, the ride.  It's pitch black, super fast and always fun - they used to have lights that looked like stars in the ride, but they have been taken away and now you really can't see where you're going - you'll always zig when you think you're going to zag and then hit a drop that you knew was coming (if you've been on it as many times as I have) but you're not exactly sure when.  Space Mountain is a ride that if I could, I would spend all day on (Most times I have done it in a day was 4, I think).

So, what are YOUR top 10 rides!?!?


Carrie Morley said...

My favorite ride is Space Mountain, too. :) Have only been to Disney World for a short day, but my 2nd favorite ride at Disneyland is the Indiana Jones ride.

Tricia in Massachusetts said...

I love The Land! :)

The Haunted Mansion is my number 1. The Carousel of Progress makes my top 5 - good family memories.