Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ok, So, A Post A Day (at least) For November

Because if I tried to do the NoShave November thing, Babaloo and Taffy would kill me, I've decided I am either going to write every day on the blog and/or podcast.  My worry is that the podcast will be an issue because of the amount of bandwidth that we have, so I will post on here instead.

My goal is to blog.  Not just throw a YouTube video on here.  Episodes of the show, when linked here by our servers, wouldn't count either.  I will write something.  Anything.  But I am committed to trying to write something and hope you all will read what I have to write.

Does anyone besides Taffy and I come here anymore?

Do you have questions for me?  Articles you want me to read and comment on?  Discussions of my hopes and dreams and wishes for the world?  Comment below, or send me an email ( or contact me on the Pod Is My Copilot Facebook page.  I'm going to probably need some help here.  Anything to help me to avoid playing that fucking MyVegasSlots game would help!

PS - Why is there a picture of a Red Panda at the top of this post?  That's a great question.  I mean, I don't have an answer or anything, but it's a great question......


Disney Family Fanatics said...

I do. I check it occasionally for stuff and I miss all of your posts. I will check more often. :-D

Anonymous said...

Have to say I have forgotten about the blog. Putting the link on Facebook would be great. I love your show and have listened to them all more than once. Don't judge. Keep posting. Love u guys.

Steve Valencia said...

I have never really been a person that reads too many blogs. I think I forget and just look at Facebook. I like the idea of having stuff link to Facebook.

Here is my question. When is the next PIMC spinoff coming out? I follow Babaloo on Instagram and he seems like a funny guy so I think that his podcast would be pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Is Taffy really as delightful as she seems?

Tricia in Massachusetts said...

I come here a couple times a week :)

I couldn't help but get excited when I heard Rodan might be moving to the Boston area.

I live in Massachusetts and close to the New Hampshire border. I know he's early in the hiring process, but if he has any questions about the area, I'm happy to tell him everything I know!