Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day Post Numbah 2! Infamous: Second Son - A Review

I love the first two Infamous games for the PS3.  Both games where in a select few games where I have played them all the way through more than once (The only other one is Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic I and II.)  After we bought our PS4 a couple of weeks ago, we both selected games and, knowing Second Son is a PS4 exclusive, I knew that had to be my first game for my new console.

The game takes place 7 years after the events of Infamous 2, and you play as Delsin Rowe, an Akomish tagger who develops the ability to absorb other "Conduits'" (super humans or mutants) powers.  After his tribe is attacked by a task force assigned to bring in all Conduits, Delsin heads to Seattle to find the leader of the army to obtain her powers and use them to heal the tribe.  Along the way, he develops multiple power sets, starting with the ability to control smoke.  You must make decisions along the way towards the path of a hero or an oppressor. What you decide will encourage the people of Seattle to cheer you on or fear you.  In the end, your decisions take you on two completely different paths from which there can be no turning back.

I enjoyed the game a lot - I will say I liked playing as a hero more than a villain for the story line, but as far as powers and ease of the game, evil is the way to go.  When you're a bad guy, you don't care what you hit, who you hurt, or how you get from point A to point B.  Playing as a hero involves more strategy and trying to find ways to beat the bad guys without hurting passers by or damage property.  When you're a baddie, who gives a shit - just keep throwing those bombs and hope for an Orbital Drop (The super power in the game that you have to earn through defeating baddies.  The endings are completely different for each "path" from satisfying (hero) to disturbing (villain).

What impressed me the most with this game, game play aside, is the talent that went into both the voice acting and model rendering.  Well known video games voice over actors Troy Baker (Delsin) and Travis Willingham (Reggie) have a genuine rapport as brothers in the game - it makes sense that the two are close friends in real life.  The two were used as models for their characters in the game, and the detail in which both characters act in the game is beautifully rendered.  Another standout actor is Karen Austin as Betty.  The PS4 gives realism to these characters' movements, and it is noticed by the player.  Seattle looks amazing as well.  The city doesn't quite have the repetitive feel that Empire City and New Marais had in the other Infamous games.  Lots of people walking around, lots of different sounds  It is easy to allow yourself to become submerged into this game.

Orbital Drop!!!!!

Game play is surprisingly easy, with the ability of the controller to allow you to have multiple options for various powers.  I don't want to give away what the powers are, but I will say there is some slight repetition in the abilities for each power set (one travel, one long ranged, one short ranged, etc).  There are plenty of side missions you can do if you don't want to follow the main (short) storyline, and while fun, they can become slightly repetitive over time.  There is also a couple of very hard boss fights that are frustrating in that you have to REALLY think outside the box to figure out what's going on, when a lot of the battling has been generally easy before it.  (the middle boss battle between on the bridge comes to mind - if you don't know what you're doing, it becomes very easy to want to throw your controller across the living room.)  Lighting in the game can be very difficult to maneuver as well, with lots of sunrises/sets that, while beautiful to look at, can block your field of vision and cause some damage from a D.U.P soldier coming out you with his gun locked and loaded.

If you have a PS4, I would strongly suggest this game.  It's fun, relatively easy and beautiful to look at.  Babaloo watched me play the game on numerous occasions.  Give it a try.

PS.. Yes, I will be playing First Light, the downloadable content for this game.  But that's a post for another day.

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