Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ok, So Blog Post Numbah 4! PiMC Behind The Scenes!

Listner Tricia sent me some great ideas for blog topics, and I'm going to respond to one now!

"Want to share any PiMC behind the scenes details? Do you know what you'll speak about beforehand? How long does it take Taylor to edit the show? How much do you warm up together before turning on the microphones?"

Great question, Tricia!  I guess I start kind of planning the next episode as soon as we are done taping the first one.  First thing I plan is, are we all going to be available.  If one of us knows they are not going to be available due to scheduling/travel/etc., we will often figure if it works to reschedule, find a guest cohost, or tape with just two of us.  If something special (i.e. the upcoming Thanksgiving Mix Tape episode) is coming up, I'll let the other two know.  We will chat a little about stuff that we don't want to talk about on the show (there are SOME things that we like to keep for ourselves), and Taffy and Rodan send me their tracks for me to edit.

On taping: The three of us only tape our own tracks.  We talk on Skype and when we are all three ready to start taping,  I will say "On your mark, get set....GO!"  We all hit record and count to 6.  The reason we all do that is to give me a way to sync up the tracks when I am setting up for editing.  It looks kind of like zipper teeth laying the tracks next to each other.  Editing can be a lengthy process, depending on flubs and conversations in the middle of the show that won't make it in.  I try to take out any pregnant pauses or "ums" that happen.  Rodan often tells stories with lots of pauses in them.  I try to take as many of them out as a I can for time purposes.  I also try to take out when we talk over each other, which happens a LOT.  I listen to both people and keep the one who I feel makes more sense or is more funny.  It's still a comedy show, folks.  Also, I make it a personal goal to have shows be less than an hour whenever possible.  I don't like to go over an hour because I know how I feel when I see one of my favorite shows is 75 minutes.  I listen to a lot of podcasts, and like to get through a few a day driving.  If I see a lengthy show in MY downloads, it sometimes feels like work.  I don't want PiMC to feel like that for anyone else. (And in case anyone reads this who is also a podcaster, yes I listen to your long show, and yes I listen to it on x2.)

After putting music on the beginning and the end of a show, I complete artwork for it and release it on Libsyn.  During the week I am also thinking about what my stories will be and if there is any pop culture news I feel we should talk about.  I do right notes that I refer to while we are taping, but often, as you can tell, we fly off the rails.  When we all begin the show, we start taping right away, but that's more of a fear on my part.  I'm afraid that we will miss something funny, so once I know everyone's microphones are up and ready, we get to taping!  We probably would do well to warm up a little, but I know time is of the essence for Rodan due to work, so I think we all warm up in different ways (Rodan drinks, Taffy bangs Tank or bakes cupcakes, I worry and fret.)

If I am missing something, I'm sure my cohosts will let me know...well, Taffy, anyway.

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Tricia in Massachusetts said...

Awesome post! Thanks for sharing the method behind the magic.