Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day, Number Nine - Infamous: First Light, A Review

So, as I mentioned last week, I finished both the hero and villain sides for Infamous: Second Son for the PS4.  I loved the games so much, I opted to purchase the DLC for the game, First Light.  This game is a prequel of sorts for the game, choosing to focus on Abigail "Fetch" Walker, a Conduit with neon based powers.  She spends much of the game looking for her brother Brent, who has gotten into some bad dealings with Russian drug dealers.  Fetch tells her story to Brook Augustine aka The Big Bad in I:SS.

The game has many of the same mechanics of the it's predecessor.  Walker has many of the same powers Deslin does, with some slight modifications.  The side missions are similar in theory, but there are also races that Fetch must do to gain "lumens," or points she can spend in the store to increase and/or modify her power.  The cut scenes in this are MUCH better in many ways to I:SS, and I LOVED those cutscenes.  It's also pretty easy to build up your orbital drop type power over time - just blast any bad guys you can find.  I think my main problem with the game is it feels very short (about 3-4 hours, not including all the extra stuff, but I did a LOT of the extra stuff.).  The acting is ok, but Fetch's odd New York accent (in Seattle, mind you) is a little off putting at times.  And what is with video games and their use of drugs to tell stories.  Both this game and Batman's Arkham games have segments where the main character has been drugged.  It's frustrating to play (which I suppose is the point), and can feel like filler.

If you loved the Infamous games, I would definitely recommend this.  Also, if you're thinking about getting the Infamous games, and want to try this out first (you don't need the main game to play this one), then I would say it will give you a definite taste of the world of InFamous.  If you thought the games were ok, I would say save your 15 dollars.

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