Friday, November 21, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day, Number Legal To Drink - Updates

1.) I got rid of a bunch of the porn sites I follow on Tumblr, and I'm amazed how much more I like it (I started by saying TONS of the porn sites, but it was really like, 3 - TONS sounds like I can't walk past my computer without ripping my underwear off and grabbing whatever oil based product I have within my reach.  It really was just a couple of sites, I swear.  There are still some annoying aspects to it (the pokemon thing?  No, gurl.  No.) but I can ignore them a little more easily when I'm not distracted by the uncut cock of a Corbin Fisher model hitting me in the face.

2.) Speaking of uncut, we received a couple of letters about foreskin after our discussion about it, and the fine folks over at Foul Monkeys even devoted some of a recent episode to us.  We started to bring it up on another episode, but, surprisingly, we were distracted.  At this point, I think it's safe to say that we definitely made some people laugh, but we also hurt a couple of feelings, and to anyone who we may have offended, we are truly sorry.  It's a foreign concept to us (despite FMs wondering how Rodan and I could have lived in Florida so long and not had more experience with them.) and we make fun of things we don't understand.  But we have been schooled on it now, and this will be our final word on it (for the foreseeable future, at least).  Thanks to those of you who wrote in with your stories/education/opinions.  We valued every word you guys wrote.

3.) Lego Batman 3?  Slightly better, the campaign is surprisingly short, and now I am trying to get all the extra stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised at some of the characters you can get, but I'm also frustrated with just how much you have to back track and go around to various planets to pick up stuff.  Especially when those planets are "Super Mario World" style and it's easy to get lost.  Again, if this is the worst problem I have......

4.) Still sick.  It sucks, especially when I didn't get to go to my patient's funeral today.  More on that later.  I will be living it up momentarily when I do a shot of NyQuil and call it a day.

5.) What do we think of this year's Thanksgiving Mix Tape?  I will be posting what my OTHER songs were from my other list, but one 90s song that almost made it was this one.  I was apparently an angry youth in 1992.

6.)Actually, NyQuil sounds really good right now! Night, sluts!

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