Friday, November 14, 2014

Ok, So Blog A Day, Numbah 14 - Let's Talk Apps

So, after yesterday's rant about all things Tumblr, I thought some positivity was in order, so I thought that it might be fun to list my top 5 apps I enjoy on my iOS devices.  I use most of the apps I have on my iPhone or iPad, but there are some that are used/enjoyed more than others.

1.) Instagram: (PiMCTaylor)  Instagram was one of the first apps I got after getting my phone, and while I don't post as much as I used to, I am still on there lurking and liking your photos.  I would say that what I like most about it is the happy pictures that people post.  Pretty places, pretty families, pretty dogs!  I would have some pet peeves (memes belong on Tumblr), but even if I don't know you or the people you are in a picture with, your pictures usually make me smile (on the inside).  And, as I said in a video a while back, I will ALWAYS like pictures of your animals. (free)

2.) ComicZeal: It's used once a week (Wednesdays) when all my digital comics get poured into it.  The interface is clean, I can pinch and zoom pictures and there are ways to store your comics in "longboxes" after you're done so that you can read them later.  There are some free golden age comics you can download that , while cheesy as hell, can be a fun free read on a random Saturday afternoon. Android's Comixology would have been on here, but after they changed their policy for iOS devices, making it a royal pain in the ass to buy new content, it's rare that app gets opened anymore.  Shame, too.  (4.99)

3.) MyVegasSlots: As someone who goes to Pride48 in Vegas every year, I heeded the recommendations of the suits and skirts and started playing this slot game to earn points towards REAL rewards, like food and entertainment.  The games are mostly chance, and, like real slots, the more you play, the more you win, but I also find that there are times during the day that just aimlessly hitting that "spin" button to be quite relaxing.  As I said yesterday, I am quickly going to complete my goal for next year's stash of points (150k) and am positive that after I take a break from it, I'll be playing again as it gets closer to next year's event! (free)

4.) PocketCasts - I have to give thanks to Curtis from Game Night Guys for this recommendation.  I HATED the Podcast app for iOS and was thankful that my old iPod was too out of date for the update, so I was able to listen to all my podcasts in the music app.  After my iPod disappeared, I quickly learned that if the app was anywhere near my wifi it would update all my other devices, including my computer, but episodes would disappear and reappear for no reason.  I only have PocketCasts on my new iPod, and it's got a GREAT interface and will upload new episodes automatically when near wifi and delete shows when I've finished with them!  Considering I am home every night, it's nice to not have to forget to sync my iPod with iTunes and not have new content to listen to driving around all day.  Plus adding and finding new shows is easy enough! (3.99)

Honorable Mention: uh, cough cough (1.99)

5.) Rotodoodle: Ah, toys of the 70s.  One of my favorite was Spriograph, and this app allows for the same geometric patterns and colors.  While the interface is a little more mathematical than I would like (unlike this page that was brought to my attention by Sara Davis), it is still very self soothing and can be relaxing after a very busy day.  Pretty pretty colors....... (Free version and a Pro version for 1.99.  I use the free version.)

What are YOUR favorite go to apps?

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