Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ok so...How long before Taylor has one of these?

iCarta iPOD Toilet Paper Holder

Full, Rich Sound

The iCarta features four (two tweeters for highs and two woofers for lows) integrated, high-performance and moisture-free speakers that deliver exceptional clarity and high quality sound. Requiring only AC power to fill your bathroom with your favorite tunes, this innovative system is the perfect accompaniment to cleaning, shaving, or putting on make-up. Easy to mount on the wall or take down if you need to move it to another bathroom, the iCarta conveniently includes an integrated bath tissue holder that accepts standard toilet paper rolls and can be effortlessly folded as a stereo dock.

Easy Operation and Compact Design
The iCarta has a simple, straightforward design that complements any bathroom decor without overwhelming the space. Sleek and compact, it takes up little more room than a standard toilet paper holder, and yet still has the capacity to transform your bathroom. Integrated into the toilet paper holder is a dock that accepts all dockable iPods. For added convenience, this system charges your iPod while it's playing music. And thanks to a waterproof finish that easily wipes clean, the iCarta also resists damage caused by drips or splashes.

Hours of Enjoyment
Make your next bubble bath a truly relaxing experience accompanied by your favorite quiet songs. Or energize yourself before going out by playing air guitar in the bathroom mirror. Or simply make cleaning the bathroom a time to enjoy the new songs you've just downloaded. Thanks to the iCarta, the bathroom isn't simply a bathroom anymore--it's a place to unwind and have fun while listening to the music you love.

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