Thursday, February 13, 2014

PiMC: Episode 286 - Please, Can We Have An Awkward Transition?

While Rodan and Taylor and cementing or ending their friendship on the Disney Fantasy while Taffy stands on the shore, weeping, please listen to this episode taped the same night as 285.  Thank you to listeners who sent in questions!  We thought all of them were great and thought provoking!  Ok, gotta finish packing!


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turnipHed said...

LOVED this episode....especially the part about our "names" that was awesome.

I so totally answer to turnipHed just as easily as I do my birth name, but for me since I was "given" my podCast/Blogger name, with a huge amount of affection, it means a lot to me and it feels awesome when someone calls me turnipHed.

Just like back in my younger days when I did drag, and was given my drag name, Beth Western (how many rooms does she have? oh about shixth or shleven!) I enjoyed my close friends calling me Beth....

Hope the cruise was KICK ASS....

Love you lots!