Monday, November 18, 2013

PiMC: Episode 279 - Self Centered… And Adorable!!!

Three Ts tonight - Testosterone, Twinkpast and Trickery!
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Melanie said...

Your description of Nassau was spot-on. The Navigator said that personal crime was on the rise, so I left the big purse back on the ship and kept all my cards in my pocket. After forging our way through the gauntlet of cab drivers and hawkers, we bought a pretty and inexpensive necklace, a pretty and ridiculously expensive necklace, and had lunch, at which point I started feeling warm and dizzy and told Lyndon, "Okay, we're going back to the ship now." When we do this again, I think I'll just tell him to go by himself.

One amusing thing -- we were heading for the main shopping street when a woman said to me, "You're such a beautiful woman, smile -- you're in the Bahamas!"