Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ok, So We're Plugging Melanie!

Wait.. that title wasn'

Melanie Fletcher, lovely auteur and cohost of the Don't Quit Your Day Job podcast has new wares to sell you - in particulary, a new book titled A Boon By Midnight (under her pen name of Nicola Cameron). While I do NOT appreciate her using photos of me to market the book, I suppose the nice thing to do would be, in fact, assist in the marketing and show her commercial here on!

It looks juicy, no?!? I was a HUGE fan of Random Realities, Melanie's previous anthology of short stories, and I will gladly be checking out this new book as well. I suggest you all do, too!  Plus, it looks like this book has some man on man action in it, and EVERYONE enjoys reading with a boner! (Especially Taffy, but she likes the boner to be in her mouth....)

Also, be sure to check out episode 194 of DQYDJ to hear a certain copilot talk urine, because if there is one thing we do here at Pod Is My Copilot, it's class up a joint.

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Melanie said...

But darling, you looked so dashing in your camo tank top, I HAD to use the pics. And that shot of you in the morning sunlight -- perfection itself. And I really hope everyone enjoys the story -- if it gets a positive response (aka lots o' sales), I'll be writing a full-length novel with Zach and Jerrek (there's a reason why Jerrek's on the run from Faerie, after all).

And remember, reviews at Amazon are love!