Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ok, So I'm Obsessed With This

While this song is kind of generic, and is a dance group who claims MiMi Imfurst as one of it's members, I can't stop watching the video for a couple of reasons.

1.) It's visually interesting and in some parts, disturbing.
2.) It has almost all of my favorite Drag Race competitors in it.
3.) Everyone in it looks like their having fun, especially Alexis Mateo.

A couple of complaints, though.

1.) Is it just me or does Jiggly look cross eyed through the whole thing.
2.) I recently saw an interview where Willam said that Shanel gives "Debby Reynolds realness."  Now that's all I see when I see her.
3.) The fact that everyone is in the video kind of proves my point that while they are all scheming and plotting against each other, they seem to be like each other on the outside world.  Why we gotta be fake and junk (and yes, I get the irony when talking about drag queens.)

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