Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ok, So I'd Still....You Know....

So, I mentioned in an episode a couple back my time suck watching videos of circuit boys/bears who have dance singles.  Poorly produced, poorly choreographed, they are a treat for the eyes and kinda hard on the ears.  My favorite artist for these is Sean Ensign.  The first video, "It's My Life (Finally)" is just kinda....I don't get 1.) The Party City Foxxy Brown Wig on the back up singer, 2.) Using the kids in the accounting department to do "dance moves" (aka an impromptu step aerobics class) with Ensign, 3.)The weird spray on hair.  He's got a super cute face, but why not just shave the head and call it a day?

I had Taffy watch this video yesterday.  Priceless

THE REAL treat is another videos of his I found, "I Wanna Be With You."  It's Green Screen Mayhem!!!  And the clothing!  It's important to note this video was made not in 1993, but 2008.

PS - International Male October 1994 called, it wants its clothes back

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