Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ok, So A Local Story With A PiMC Twist....

It was brought to my attention via Taffy (and, before her, via The Littlest Huffington) that 97x, a local Tampa station, talked about a teen in the area who was fired from his job at Chik Fil A for listening to Pod Is My Copilot, a "local podcast that promotes the LGBT lifestyle."

I sent out an email to Fisher, the deejay (are they still called deejays?) who was on the air the time TLH heard the show and asked for more information.  I'm hopeful that he will respond and let me know how he heard about this.

If you happen to be the teen who was fired from Chik Fil A for listening to our little show, I have two things to say to you:

1.) We are very sorry you lost your job.
2.) You have great taste in podcasts. :)

While we have not been very vocal in political issues (there's not enough time after all the sexy talk and important discussions on the story arcs of such classics as "Small Wonder, Season 3."), we can all agree that no matter how they want to spin it in the media the last few days, Chik Fil A gives money to anti-gay organizations and movements, and is, in fact, an anti-gay establishment.  They do not receive a penny of my money. (Shame, too - they make a damn good chicken sandwich.  Whoops, I said damn - sorry guy who has to read about Chik Fil A google alerts)

Good luck, former CFA employee - wherever you are!  Email us and give us the whole story!  I would be very interested to hear it!

Taylor, Taffy and Rodan (who knows nothing about this yet, but he will when we talk about it on the next show.)

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