Thursday, November 3, 2011

PiMC: Episode 201 - The Second Prettiest Pig In The Room, or It's Time To Eat Out, America!

After some successful negotiations, Taffy, Taylor and Rodan are back.  Thanks to Ricky, Pat and Sara for keeping our seats warm for us! Please check out Foul Monkeys, Don't Quit Your Day Job and How Much Do We Love and support their wonderful shows!
This week, Rodan heads to the Big Easy for Halloween, Taffy and Taylor are inappropriate in Haunted Houses (NOT TOGETHER, because...ew.) and we talk about 200. We love you all!  (Well, except for you.... that color doesn't work for you.) We are
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Thom Takes On The World said...

Thanks for mentioning my little voice mail message to you guys to celebrate your 200th episode. I am a faithful listener who love to laugh and, yes, snort at your antics. What gets to me is that what you talk about ACTUALLY has happened to you.

Love you guys,