Sunday, October 23, 2011

PiMC: Episode 199 - That Damn Gerbil, or Star Wars Was My Nanny

Taylor meets McDreamy (kinda), Taffy is thrown from a car (kinda) and Rodan is the hostess with the mostess, when he knows what's going on (kinda). And we stop to talk about a serious topic towards the end, hopefully one where we do a little good. That's right, kittens, we can be compassionate! It's the last episode before 200! We are

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David-That Blue Jeans Guy-Byrd said...

If The Littlest Huffington's friend is open to a church/spiritual community, he might consider Unity. At 18, he'd still be eligible to be a part of the Youth of Unity (YOU) group, where he'd be part of an empowering, positive community that would welcome him as he is. And, he might even find another guy, since YOU typically goes on retreats and conferences. There are several Unity churches/centers in the Tampa Bay area, so he'd be very likely to find one that works for him.

Philly Russ said...

Now the appropriate reaction to Rodan's disclosure of his Halloween-New Orleans trip would have been, "What a perfect episode 200! PIMC takes on New Orleans! We'll meet you there, Rodan."