Friday, October 21, 2011

Ok so...Matthew Perry sitcom predicts the future...

the Fox show, which was set in 2011, the main character Charles, played by Kiel Martin, dies in a hovercraft accident, and after meeting St. Peter at the gates of heaven, is judged to be neither good enough for heaven or bad enough for hell. He's sent back to earth to help his teenage self, played by Matthew Perry, to live a more virtuous life.

But right before the scene in the pilot where Martin meets St. Peter, guess who else pays him a visit? None other than Colonel Gaddafi, with his trademark fatigues riddled with bullet holes. "Dead? It is impossible for me to be dead," the fictional Gaddafi says, before St. Peter sentences him to spend eternity in hell. It's a delightfully corny and really weird scene.

The Qaddafi portion starts at approximately 2:20:

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Anna B said...

I see that he is "Matthew L. Perry" in the credits. Interesting.