Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ok, So The Year In iTunes, 2011 (Pt 4)

3/4/11 - Jennifer Lopez (Feat. PitBull) - On The Floor  Yeah, it's crap.  But it's fun crap that is a hell of a motivator on the elliptical machine.  Jennifer Lopez is on of those artists that I can usually take or leave, but when I take it, I love it (Shut it, Taffy.)  Plus, even though it looks like every other video out there, I love the way she looks and want very much to dance around in her gold lame outfit.  Grade: A
3/17/11 - Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street  A classic song I couldn't believe I didn't own.  This one reminds me of being the kitchen as a kid and hearing this song on my mom's AM Radio.  The video is classically late 70s/Early 80s, before they really knew what they were doing with videos.  And that opening saxophone.  Love it. Grade: A
4/2/11 - Michael Andrews and Gary Jules - Mad World  We had watched Donnie Darko for the first time in our house not long before I downloaded the song.  I know a lot of younger people may only know this song from Adam Lambert singing it.  That's an ok version, but this, even though it is a remake of a Tears for Fears song, is the definitive version.  Grade: B
4/13/11 - Beth Ditto - Deconstruction (EP)  I first saw the video for I Wrote The Book and thought what I great homage to Madonna.  After listening to the samples of the rest of the EP, I realized that what Ditto was trying to do was a love letter to 80s and 90s dance music.  You can hear groups like Expose, Culture Club and Jody Watley in these songs.  Everyone who loved the music of that era should spend the 4 bucks on this EP.  Grade: A+
4/16/11 - Marc Broussard - Marc Broussard - I LOVED LOVED LOVED Carenco, Broussard's first album from 2004.  I've talked about it on PiMC and how his is a voice wise before it's time.  He had a couple of other albums afterwards that were hit and miss, but this four track EP (just realized that's another theme of this year's music downloads) is back to form - He manages to infuse pop, soul, jazz and blues into each song and makes it work beautifully.)  I always forget I bought this EP, and when a song comes on shuffle, I'm pleasantly surpised. Grade A-, only because one of the songs is a live version of another song on the EP

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Graveetas said...

I love Beth Ditto, I didn't know she had an EP. Thanks for the recommendation.