Friday, September 30, 2011

PiMC: Episode 197 - I'm Sorry I'm Not Up On My Glory Hole Etiquette, or Mama Needs Some New Validation

Rodan is spent from Pride, Taffy is well and read and reads a mexican super hero in a book store, and Taylor finally meets the Babaloo in laws.  All this, and Cinnamon Buns!  We are podismycopilot.
(Note: I am aware of the sound quality of Taffy's track about 45 minutes in.  I'm leaving it in so that hopefully someone can explain to me why her skype call does this every time we record at the top of the hour.  It lasts less than a minute.), 206-350-1287,, @PiMCTaylor, PiMCTaylor, Facebook: Pod Is My Copilot

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