Thursday, September 1, 2011

PiMC: Episode 193 - They Choose This Oral Abuse, or Does it Have A Little Ring For Your Finger?

Let's just say this one is personal, but not in the usual gross way we get personal...ish. Taffy and Taylor take their relationship to the next plateau, Rodan is free at last, thank God almightly, and Taylor cries during the show...but like you might think. All this and.... HOMER! We are Pod Is My Copilot., 206-350-1287,, Facebook: Pod Is My Copilot, @PiMCTaylor, PiMCTaylor

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1 comment:

Melanie said...

Taylor, I am behind you 100% on the gym routine -- you're going to do fabulous, trust me, dolly. And Rodan is absolutely right -- the weights *will* slow the actual weight loss, but the extra muscle tissue will speed up your metabolism and you'll feel so much better.

And Taffy, I hear you on the defining moment. Remember mine at the theater? 15 pounds down from that, and I am not looking back.