Friday, September 16, 2011

Ok, So You Like Us! You REALLY LIKE US!!! Now Prove It!

The Podcast Awards are here, kittens, and Anthony, one of your peers, has nominated us to be a final nominee in the BEST GLBT PODCAST category!  We need votes, people!  So here's what you do!

(and Taffy, considering I know you will not pay attention to the rules and do what you want,  I'm TELLING you to pay attention to the rules.)

Ok.  First: go to

Second, put our show, Pod Is My Copilot in under Best GLBT show.  DO NOT PUT IT IN ANY OTHER CATEGORY (Taffy), as it will not count towards our final tally of nominees.  The only exception to this is "People's Choice."  We want to focus on GLBT Podcast.

(Feel free to fill in other shows that you enjoy in other categories, but choose wisely - YOU CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE (Taffy).)

In the url box, copy and paste this:

Hit submit.

I would love to see us nominated for the beginning of our fifth year on the air - and only you, our faithful listeners can make this happen.

And if we could get some endorsements from other podcasts....other podcasts who endorsed OTHER shows last year....and you know who you ams....that would be swell, too!


Taffy said...

Done. Correctly I might add.

Anonymous said...

Just did my vote for the BEST GLBT! And yes I'm forward ( cause your never straight).
Xxooxx Heather in az

Anonymous said...

Done and Done! Keep up the Great Podcasting!

Disney Family Fanatics said...

Done, Done, and Done. :) Love you guys and gal!!

Starshine said...

Voted :)