Monday, August 29, 2011

Ok, So 6 Things About..... Beyonce's Video for 1+1

1.) Open your eyes.  Looking sexy only works if you don't look like you need a nippa-nap.
2.) Am I the only one who, when she says, "I don't know much about algebra..." thinks of "U + Me = US" by 2ge+her?
3.) The whole mirror screen thing?  Very Prince, circa 1984
4.) The song itself?  Very Tina Turner, circa 1984
5.) Are her parents still her managers?  Do they watch these videos of her yell-singing "Make love to me!" and think, "Good!  Just the image we want to project!"  Do you think her parent's get freaky to her music?  (Actually, forget I asked that...I don't want to know..)
6.) I kinda like this song.

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