Monday, July 4, 2011

Ok, So In Keeping WIth Our 'Merica Theme Of The Morning....

A while back on the show, we talked about Taffy and I being inappropriate during a performance of "Voices of Liberty" presentation in the American Pavilion at EPCOT. Anywho, here is a video of the VoL performing the Star Spangled Banner. The performer we were joking about is the Lisa Kudrow looking blonde in the maroon dress, and I had said under my breath that at the end of the song, a dwarf dressed like Uncle Sam was going to come out from under her hoop skirt holding sparklers in each hand. This may have given Taffy a case of the "church giggles," which, if we're being frank, is one of my favorite things to see.

Either way, we were inappropriate and for that, America, we apologize. Here's a video of the group. They truly are amazing, and if you are ever going to visit Disney World, 1.) call us because chances are we'll meet you for a drink, and 2.) go to see The American Pavillon for this performance, which happens before every showing of the American Experience.

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Taffy said...

You about made Lollipop cry.