Monday, November 22, 2010

PiMC: Episode 167 - "We're Off To Mom's. Enjoy Your Porn.", or That's My Indian Name...

It's our EXTRA BIG Thanksgiving Extravaganza!!! Desgined for those of you traveling over the next few days, this episode is part regular show, part mix tape, with songs personally picked by the co-pilots to help you with your travels. These songs represent Taylor, Taffy and Rodan, as they are music that the co-pilots are thankful to have in their lives. Some of the songs you know, some of them you might not, but either way, we hope you enjoy the show!

We are aware that this is an EXTRA long show, but hope that will not dissuade you from listening. Listen in chunks if you want, or, at the very least, fast forward through the songs like I know a certain announcer of ours will probably do. (I'm talking to you, Gaik....) Either way, on behalf of Taffy and Rodan, we want to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!!!

Personally looking forward to our TSA pat down, we are Pod Is My Copilot

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, I have been a long time listener, I had the honor of serving [honk] Taffy last night in Ybor. It was a real treat.

Keep up the great work. Love you and the show.

Hamburger Mary's Service with a Smile

Thom said...

I appreciate the time and effort everyone has done to put this together. You have pulled me through some tough times and have caused me to pull over the car a few times when laughter cause me to tear up and feel like I peed my pants.

Love you guys!

Taffy said...

Halton...first thank you for the great service and inappropriate pillow talk! Second, Thanks for the clarification on the pronunciation of your name. It was so loud in there and so crazy, we thought of about five different options that it could have been :) Also, you totally made The Littlest Huffingtons night by recognizing me!
Thanks so much for listening!!

George said...

Great show gang. Kept me quite entertained during the SEPTA ride from hell home from work today.

Look forward to hearing about your Black Friday adventures!

Philly Russ

Seth Hodge said...

This was wonderful! I loved every minute of it and even ended up buying the Michael Buble song. I couldn't stop singing that one.

Hello Nessa said...

I enjoyed this show immensely! Being the solo cook for the holidays, i spent the entire show in the kitchen. Didn't seem so bad to have a great soundtrack. Thank you!