Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ok so...Lola will have to eat here next week...

Looks like summer 2010 has one last blockbuster in her yet: Pop-Tarts World,officially opening today in Times Square. The space features four main attractions: a build your own Pop-Tarts box machine called The Varietizer, a counter service restaurant called the Pop-Tarts World Cafe, a make-your-own T-shirt station, and an interactive media area. At the cafe, you can get your favorite tart, frozen, toasted, or at room temperature and topped with a variety of of sugary and syrupy add-ons, as well as any number of original creations like "Ants on a Log?" and "Pop-Tarts Sushi." The most impressive part of the space, however, is the Varietizer, where you punch six flavor selections into a touch screen console, and a robot device moves up and down a column stacked with the treats, pulling your picks with a suction-cupped arm, then depositing them into a pile down below. And, if you want to watch YouTube clips of people doing things with Pop-Tarts, or log on to Facebook to tell everybody that you're at Pop-Tarts World, there's an area for that too.

The Full Pop-Tarts World Cafe Menu.>>

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Lola LaFayette said...

You betcha! It's already on our list of 'must-sees' for NYC!!