Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ok, So Put Me In, Coach!

One of my imaginary boyfriends, Adam Richman, whose season apparently ended tonight! And, before Taffy has a tizzy about the Michigan uniform, apparently, he got dressed in an Ohio State uniform as well, making it easier to stomach the mental picture of me blowing him.

(And yes, I looked, and yes, I think you can kinda make out his junk in the Michigan uniform. Click on the picture to enlarge it.)
(Babaloo asked if he should leave the room while I masturbate to these pictures. I told him no, it was hotter if he stayed and watched. I can't understand why he's mad now...)


Taffy said...

"I cant understand why he's mad now"...LMAO

Ron said...

What junk?

That's all.

Hello Nessa said...

he is yummy!

Sevi said...

GO Bucks..or as we say in Columbus

Muck Fichigan.