Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ok, So Imagine Everyone In Tacoma, Washington Had An iPod

....and they all listened to an episode of PiMC. That would be how many downloads we have had over the last three years. Earlier tonight, we recieved our 200,000th download. Thank you to all of you who listen to the show, either through downloads or our app and honor the three of us with your continued support. You truly bring us all joy.

Taylor, Taffy and Rodan


Pat Gaik said...

Congratulations! That 943.396226 per episode! (Eps & Videos combined)

Greetings from Nowhere Staff said...

As a loyal listener from day 1 and a rapid promoter of your show, your very welcome. :)

Listening to your show is one of my favorite things. I tell everyone I know to subscribe. They are never disappointed.

Happy 200,00th PIMC! May you have many more to come.