Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ok so...Taylor should have came with us!!!

So today is our last day of getting Lollipop settled at her University...and today is the day that the SOCCER players are moving in...

40 over 18 young boys with thighs and calves as big as Tanks...anyways...every where you turn there are gaggles of them aloud to roam freely, scantily dressed (it is hot and they are practicing...) Taylor would be in HEAVEN!!!

And on a side note...I got to touch one of their underwear!!
(and not in a creepy Mrs. Robinson way) (Sorta)

Move Later...

Oh Yeah...Lollipop is moved in/loves it/thinks she's the sh*t!!!!!

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Kevin Bee said...

How could touching a college boys underwear NOT be creepy.