Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ok, So Those Of You Who Live On The East Coast....

...and received a PiMC bumper sticker have NO excuse. Christina of the Greetings From Nowhere podcast got hers in the mail today AND sent me a picture of it. She hasn't put it on her car yet, but next to a picture of her beautiful face (and hot husband!) is fine with us here at PiMC.... If she got hers in the middle of NOWHERE (it's in the title of her show), then the rest of y'all got yours and I should have gotten a LOT more pictures of bumper stickers than I have already gotten!

Send us pics of you with your bumper stickers! Do fun things with them - we will post them on the blog (or, if they are just for our enjoyment, and you don't want us to, we will keep them private). But we want to see all of you enjoying your little PiMC treats!

And those of you who live internationally, your stickers are on the way - I sent them out yesterday...when you get them, please do something with it that shows you live outside of the US - something that says home country pride, like lumberjacks or Big Ben! :)


Nicole said...

Awwwws...Great picture of Christina and Bob. I know she is gaga over her bumper sticker! :)

karakahlox said...

howdy, y'all! i love you and i followed your instructions to leave a glowing review and i would love love love a bumper sticker. do you have any left? please?