Monday, August 16, 2010

Ok, So Taffy, Would You Be So Kind.....

as to get to work on this little bit of perfection? Thanks, kitten. Red Velvet Fried Chicken. Yes.


Cassie in EM TEE said...

Ok, so, here's a confession.. I don't get the whole whoop-de-do over red velvet anything. It's a bunch of fucking red dye added to your cake or I guess chicken or whatthefuckever you're making. Red dye. That's it. Big fucking deal. So, esplaina to me please what I'm missing.


Taylor The Latte Boy said...

Ok, given your comments on Facebook a few minutes ago, I think this explanation will best help you to understand why this sounds so delicious.

You're drunk.

thanks for listening!

Cassie said...

LMAO! I wasn't drunk. I was just slightly tipsy ;)