Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ok, So Sometimes Comments Are Fun!

So, on facebook, I have commented that I need to work on my back fence as my gate has started seriously sagging (insert sagging/back fence joke here). Anyway, Anna B recommended I get a post hole auger. Having never heard of such a beast, I decided to look it up on YouTube and found this video. Now, the video by itself isn't all that impressive (though it does appear to have an underage boy without his shirt on in it, so as you read this, someone in Monroe in Louisiana maaaaaay be masturbating....), but the comment someone posted directly under it made my laugh out loud. That comment?

"This looks like a Greek honeymoon."
(and can you imagine Babaloo and I trying to control this thing? Talk about video podcast!!!)


Taffy said...

A Greek Honeymoon!!!!! You are my hero!

Anna B said...

I try to give back. You all give so much to me ;-) It seems the least I can do to share a little knowledge. About holes.

Cassie in Fucking MT said...

Ours attaches to our tractor.. it's a really big sucker!