Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PiMC: Episode 148 - Mr. Drummond...Donkey Puncher, or Glad You're A Fan. Can I Lick Your Armpit?

I told you guys we would have a regular episode out this week, didn't I? Rodan talks about getting used to moving The No Longer Cajun (we have a new name for him) into the Den of Inequity, Taffy and Taylor discuss cap and gowns, adorable listeners, aging lounge acts, trips to hell and animated bunnies who, apparently, must die. And some pop culture stuff. And we teach Taffy a new phrase. We are pod is my copilot.

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Pat Gaik said...

Oh, gee...we've had to rework the schedule next season at the Barn and I'm afraid I won't be available for Gay Days after all *crawfishin'*

Also, Rodan - Gary Coleman has always been a character in "Avenue Q" but he's never appeared in the show. And they are keeping the character and doing a few minor line changes is all.