Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ok, So I Think I Have The Bug

Re: Expedition Everest Challenge.

So, that happened.

Now what?

While I've heard the phrase "runner's high" before, I was surprised to find myself actually kinda depressed on Sunday, and particularly Monday after the video of the race had been completed. Here I was, working at this goal for 2-3 months, picturing myself at that race surrounded by people running and walking, and now that the goal had been obtained, I didn't have a set goal to work towards. I found myself peering around the Disney Endurance website and imagining myself competing in future races, like the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and Mickey's Family Halloween 5k, both in October. Only I see myself being able to work harder, faster, more efficiently.

I feel that the Expedition Everest Challenge was a great experience for me, and I hope it was for Taffy as well. I can see where my hard work paid off. I can also see where I have miles to go before I can call myself a runner of any kind. While I saw my endurance and speed improve over the 2.5 months I trained, strength is where I need to work the hardest. It makes sense when you think about it. The strain on my body of lifting this rather sizable human being off the ground in rapid fashion is going to take its toll pretty quickly. My hope is that as the weight comes off, the strength and running ability increases. Makes sense, no?

Expedition: Everest was a baseline for me. I saw what I can do, I know I can do better, and I plan on formulating a strategy to improve. Weight loss, continued cardio and the inclusion of weight training (particularly in my legs) should help me in my endeavor. I also would like to invest in a pair of quality running shoes. I currently wear cross trainers (I have for years), but from what I'm seeing online, I should probably get a pair of sneaks that are made specifically for running and will give me that extra support I need.

Now, never fear listeners and readers of this blog. It's not going to become a running blog, and I don't plan on turning into Julia Sugarbaker when she took up running (I tried to find video online, but all you good homosexuals out there know exactly what episode of the show I'm talking about.) However, I truly enjoyed working towards my goal last time, and am looking forward to beginning a new goal very shortly. So watch this space! :)


Anna B said...

I recommend the book Born to Run. Not only is it full of information, but the stories and subplots are riveting. It is a quick, easy read, and I think you would like it.

Mommyhood said...

Good luck