Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ok, So Adventure In Running Shoes

So, after doing some research, I decided that should I continue my running adventure (or, in this case really begin running vs. walking with purpose.) I should get a good pair of running shoes. If I have one complaint about my 5k it would be I got myself a nice set of shin splints for a few days following, and from what I've read, good supportive shoes will help alleviate that in the future. So, info in hand, I took at ride today with Babaloo to International Plaza and went to Fit2Go, a running shoe/accessory store. I know that they will test you for what shoes will best work for you by putting you on a treadmill and assessing your needs.


So, we walked into the store and "Keanu" with his 2% BMI and "I could give a shit about your fat ass" attitude listened to me as I said that I wanted to buy a pair of running shoes because I just completed my first 5k and wanted to get healthy and blah blah blah. Methinks this guy only heard the word "buy." He said he would give me a test for my arch support then I would run on a treadmill ("But don't worry - only for like 30 seconds or so." Um, ok.) and he would videotape my feet and my gait so that we could figure out what shoes are best for me. So, after discovering I overpronate (my feet roll inwards), he has me get on the treadmill where I jog for about 65 seconds or so (which, I think actually surprised him.) He has me try on a couple of different shoes and walk around in them. I can't help but notice that while all the other sales people are talkative and cheery to the customers and their families, this guy is ignoring Babaloo while I am on the other side of the store. This angers me. At the very least try and sell my boyfriend a pair of sneakers while you're waiting for me!

So, after three different pair, I decide that I like the Brooks Sneakers with a special insert support that prevents overpronation. Total cost for these two items. $170.00. When I say that was a little more than I was planning on spending, Keanu goes instantly into "Well, it's really an ivestment for your health. You don't want to injure yourself, do you?"

Really, Neo? Really? Scare tactics from a 17 year old? I think not. I tell him I agree with him that it is important and that they feel great, but that I want to figure out my money and if I coul-

That's about as far as I got as he pretty much said, "Ok, well, let me know if I can help you anymore," and walked away. So, the B and I took a drive down to Ellenton Outlet Shops (Where Taffy and I filmed our Midnight Madness video) and I took a gander at the stuff that the Nike Store had to offer. Now, I know from playing around on the website which shoes I liked there, and I had a KINDA good idea as to which ones might work for me. I wandered around and was looking at the shoes when Nick, a sales associate wandered up to me and asked how I was doing, and if he could help me find anything. I go through the same story, and he asks all sorts of questions about what my goals are and when I tell him that I was just at Fit2Go and that I overpronate, he said that he knows just the right shoes, and shows me a pair that I had seen on the website. Also, it's important to note that I was looking at a pair that were more expensive when he came up to me, but he told me they wouldn't work for what I needed, and directed me to the Nike+ Lunarglides. These things fit like a glove...for my, uh, feet. They are really comfortable, and he talked about how, because of the way they are made, I shouldn't need the insert for overpronation. He showed me a few other comparably priced shoes, but I said that these were the ones that I wanted.

Another associate, Ray, came over to see what was going on and asked Nick if everything was ok. When I said everything was fine and that Nick was helping me, Ray, appeared pleased. It seems I may have helped Nick with his first sale. These two guys talked with me about a running club that the Nike Store has a few times a month, and talked with me about trying to come down and run with everyone (Maybe later.). They also thanked me repeatedly for my business and could not have been nicer. I was so impressed that I bought a couple of t-shirts and a pair of Neon Yellow shoelaces to go with my new shoes. Total for ALL these items? $100.77 (this includes a 10 percent discount given to me by the cashier when I commended Nick and Ray for their assistence, and when Ray came up to the cashier and told him that I was starting to do 5ks) So, thanks to the guys at the Ellenton Nike Store for their hard work and dedication to helping a fat ass get in shape!


Cassie in Fucking Montana said...

Good customer service means everything to me! I will go out of my way to shop somewhere that I received outstanding service!

Good luck on your new running adventure! I know you can do this!

Brighton Lexi said...

Wow, that guy sounded like a right douche.

But yeah,Lunarglides are amazingly good running shoes, you made a good choice there!