Saturday, May 29, 2010

PiMC: Episode 147 - It's Can-A-Pay You Asshole, or My Load Tastes Like A Cosmo!!!

First, there are some slight audio difficulties with parts of the podcast, but rest assured, they are momentary. Please be patient :)

Taffy and Taylor head to the Sex And The City Movie in beautiful downtown Tampa! We talk about....well, it's Taffy and Taylor in a car with a microphone. What do we NOT talk about. Oh, and we provide color commentary about all the douchebags in the parking lot of the theatre. Also, we talk about the movie at the end of the night.

This is probably one of my favorite episodes I've ever taped with La Huffington, as it shows what good and ridiculous friends we are. I truly hope you enjoy it! (and sorry again for the audio issues.)

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Scott S said...

Is Lollipops ringtone sex groans?