Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ok, So THANK YOU Patty and Mike!

A couple of our listeners, Patty and Mike of, were kind enough to provide me with Apples and Oranges for my town, PiMCLand, over on the Animal Crossing. I went to their town, grabbed as many as my stubby little fingers would hold, and ran back over to my town, where I just spent the last half hour planting them. We talked over Wii Speak and I got to know a little bit about them, the 93,482 podcasts they listen to, and their photography company, which you can check out by going to the link above. If you live in the Connecticut area and have a wedding or bar mitzvah coming up, consider hiring them for your pitchertakin' needs, won't you?

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Patricia & Michael said...

It was fantastic meeting you & Babaloo! Thank you for the fun time and the website plug, we really appreciate it!