Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PiMC: Episode 131 - Rodan Does A Solo Shoot...

It's time for Rodan to do his music show. Now, before you say, "ugh, not another one of those," I think you should really give this one a listen. Rodan uses songs from parts of his life to tell the story of how he got to be the guy he is today. It is by far the most personal PiMC we have ever done. Thanks, Rodan, for finally putting together this show, and sharing as much as you did. That being said, Rodan's editing skills blow :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rodan,

I was just listening to your solo episode, congrats!

And I just wanted to say thank you for the episode, I know it must of been extrememly difficult for some parts and joyful for others. And thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hello Rodan: thanks for sharing parts of your life. Sorry words simply evades me, and all I can say here is that thank you.
Your loyal listener somewhere in Southern California

brothercasey said...


Thank you for giving us all such an insight into what makes you tick. It must have been rough sharing some of that information with us, but I am so thankful that you did. I also used to sing the Transformers theme on the playground with my nerdy friends, along with GI Joe and THundercats. Other portions of your episode brought tears to my eyes. Again, thank you for bearing so much of your soul for us! Love you, man!!!

Joe said...

Hi Rodan!

Your music episode, while a long time in coming, was my favorite. (I still love you Taylor and Taffy.) The stories you told and the music behind them made the episode richer. Thanks for sharing and here's hoping that you find a way to enjoy birthdays again.

Joe in Dallas

p.s. What was the name of the Tori Amos song you played?

Anonymous said...

I am somewhat outraged (okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic here), but so far there were only four listeners who bothered to write a few words for Rodan's podcast.

I again want to give it a yell, THANKS Rodan, for a wonderful episode, and for sharing parts of your life with us.

Taylor The Latte Boy said...

Joe, the Tori song is called Blue Skies by an artist known as BT - Tori just sings vocals on it,

Anonymous said...

Just want to say I loved the show. Its the first musical podcast I've been able to make it through, sorry Taffy and Taylor. I enjoyed it almost more than the regular podcasts. Thanks for sharing parts of your life with us.