Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ok so...this is what happens after lunch with Taylor

Yep kids that's right...A Black Eye (and not the fun dirty kind)
Soooooooooo, is this from Babaloo who found out Taylor and mine "Me and Mrs. Jones-esque" relationship??
Not Hardly...No kiddies this is what happens when you are walking your dog. And the wind knocks down a tree. And it hits you in the face.
Why do I not have a camera crew with me every day???


Lola LaFayette said...


I'm sure a little Bare Escentuals will cover it right up...


Taylor The Latte Boy said...

is that what we're calling Tank's semen now?

It IS full of protein, you know....

Ron said...

As Big Fatty would exclaim, "Oh Lord!"

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, glad you "survived"!

Get well and pretty soon.

We love you, Taffy.