Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ok so...We're BAAAACKKKKK!


Thom said...

Hey Taffy and Taylor,

We missed you. Glad that you are back. I hope that you have a fabulous time on the cruise. I was thinking about you while I have been stuck here in Nashville, 6" of snow and ice, 12 degree mornings, and unplowed streets...but not that I'm jealous or anything!

Okay okay what if I AM jealous? I need a cruise in warm waters. Perhaps I will someday.

We missed you but glad that you had a chance to get away for a while.

Love you guys!

Your Nashville Friend,


Kirby DisneyFamily said...

Yea, glad to have you back, although I think Rodan did a great job on his solo show.
I hope you guys had a blast and am feeling a little bit jealous, but still glad you were able to.
Can't wait to hear about it on the next show.