Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ok so...Jesus Eggs

Sooooooo...this morning whilst I was making omelets, I opened my organically grown eggs to find... A BIBLE VERSE.



Thom said...

Perhaps it was eggsactly what you needed. Sorry. I could not pass up cracking that horrible yoke. Please don't ridicule me! I have a thin shell. I tried to scramble around to find a better one, but my mind was fried.

meds...where are my meds???


Love you guys!

Your Nashville Friend,


Anna B said...

I am in Indiana, where most of the organic farmers are right-wing, Jesus-loving, homeschooling Evangelicals. Your eggs surprised me not at all. One of the store-sold organic egg places up here has a different verse, but the same idea.

My locally-grown beef is purchased at an on-farm store that has Jesus rock playing, classes for women's Bible groups and homeschool classes in woodworking. It is the back-to-the-land for Jesus families who make local food possible here.

As long as they don't try to recruit me, I can shrug it off.