Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ok, So I Gained A Lobster

I gained 1.5 pounds this week.

I ate within my calorie limit. I worked out a couple of nights. I'm not sure what I did wrong.

So now I'm even further away from my goal then before. Great. Just fucking fabulous.

To say I am annoyed....


epilonious said...

First off, sorry you gained a bit, Weight refusing to change is frustrating as hell, and I sympathize. Now for scenarios to hopefully assuage:

scenario 1: You ate something really salty and thus put on water weight.

scenario 2: You drank less caffeinated soda or coffee and thus stopped being dehydrated and put on water weight...

scenario 3: You first weight yourself naked in the morning, and later weighed yourself while wearing clothes and shoes that weighed 14 pounds (it is winter after all)

scenario 4: Muscles swelling from new workout routines...

Reality: Don't worry about it, you weren't sitting in a gym seven hours a day with a nutritionist glaring at you whenever you ate. Keep it up and next week you'll probably drop twice what you expected, and if you don't, make minor adjustments and start doing heavier analysis on what you are using to get to your calorie limits.

Cheers either way, feel better.

Anna B said...

Please don't be discouraged.

Did you get your calorie count from a dietitian or from a website? My STRONGEST suggestion is to get a referral from your doctor to an endocrinologist who can get you to a dietitian who specializes in diabetes. If your GP says that you do not need a referral, she is wrong.

Crystal in Buford said...

I agree. Probably just water. Your body is going through some adjustments now with you eating better, so it might take another week to see some results. Just keep eating well and excercising and you will get there! Remember: It's about your health, not what the scale says.

Melanie said...

Epi and Crystal are right -- it's most likely water. Alternatively, if you've been lifting any weights it could be an increase in muscle mass. The problem with lifting weights is that you actually get thinner, but you can't tell via the scale because muscle weighs more than fat. Eventually, however, it plateaus and you start seeing the loss.

Stick to it, hon. We're all cheering you on!

Thom said...


Don't worry about how much you weigh. You have been eating right and exercising so pat yourself on the back for taking positive steps to being a more healthy man. Be encouraged by those things, bub.

We are all cheering you on!

Your Nashville Friend,


Cassie said...

Yep! Don't get discouraged! Beginning an exercise routine can also cause you to gain some weight. I maybe would skip weighing in every week and opt for every other or even watch a little longer than that. Your body will settle into its new routine and you'll start losing! And remember, I am the QUEEN of having a hard time losing weight because of that stupid fucking tumor thingie I had.