Monday, January 4, 2010

Ok, So Day One Is Done

So, the first day of this movement into healthiness is done, and I'm hungry as hell. Seriously, not so much, but I do notice a little bit of hunger. I just ate a bosc pear (aka the best pears) and that will hopefully help.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to post something on the blog or send me a private note rooting me on. While I will not be posting things on here ever day about what I ate and all that, I will be checking in from here from time to time and letting you all know what's up!

Some things to note:

-A VERY cool App I found for Food Journaling is called Lose It. It seems to be all the things that I loved about when I would food journal before, but I can hold it in the palm of my hand. According to the app I am 275 calories below my goal for the day, and I am ok with that. And the app is free, and if you start an account on their website, you can connect with other friends and see how they're doing as well! I told Taffy about this a while back, and didn't play with it as much as she did (honk), and she ended up telling ME about all the cool things it does. Plus, it's an orange scale - I LOVE the color orange!

-I made a recipe out of my new Elie Krieger cookbook, "So Easy," tonight. I got the book with a gift card I got for the holidays. At first, I didn't
think I was going to like it, as she tells you of the nutritional information for a whole MEAL, vs the individual items on your plate - I was wrong however, when I found the section at the back of the book that tells you what each food item is "a la carte." Tonight I made Flounder with an almond topping, saffron rice (from scratch! Like with real saffron and junk!) and Lemon Broccolini. I can say that the rice turned out great, the Flounder was ok (I think I did something wrong..I just don't know what yet. I mean it was all cooked and everything.) The broccolini was a disaster. It kinda fell apart and was a bitter mush. Plus, I'm not sure how to prepare broccolini. Do the leaves come off (I took mine off). Do you cut down the stalks a little bit (as I did). Does anyone know how to cook it? I would be willing to give it another go if I knew what I was doing.

-I will be having one day a week where I can relax a little bit. Now that doesn't mean I can eat the foods that I talked about yesterday, or that I can go full tilt boogie on the buffet lines of Pinellas county. But I know that in order to keep things right, I need to indulge a little bit...for example, dinner this weekend at Carmelita's with Drum and his partner after they drop off Hershey and Bug.

-Food shopping can be fun if you don't feel guilty buying crap that you know is going ot make you ass bigger, and if you don't go crazy buying everything in the store that grew on a tree or swam in an ocean. For dinners for the week for Babaloo and I, I only spent about $100.00, which is only slightly more than I usually spend (and that was because of the flounder, which was about 15 bucks.) Future meals for the week include Chicken, Pork and tomorrow night's Giada's Broiled Salmon with a Mustard Glaze, which I have had before, tastes awesome and cooks in about 7 minutes (Nothing fancy!)

Tomorrow will also bring the first real challenge I've had, and it is usually a set back. Lunch out and about, and driving around between appointments with nothing to do. It's usually REALLY easy for me to fall into old habits (especially ones that were around just a couple of days ago) and end up with something crispy and fried sliding down my gullet (a lovely mental picture, I know). Will I make it? Will I fail? Only time will tell...and..well.... me, on this blog. Dur.


Taffy said...

Trim broccolini of the ends. Place thin stalks into a skillet and cover with water. Cover and bring to a boil. Add salt and reduce heat. Simmer broccolini 6 to 7 minutes, until tender and bright green. Drain the broccolini and return skillet to stove over medium heat. Add extra-virgin olive oil to pan, then garlic. Cook garlic 2 to 3 minutes. Add broccolini to pan and coat in garlic and oil then serve.

The key here darling is that you boil them BEFORE you skillet them...I am here to offer guidance ...ALWAYS!

Thom said...

You know something, Taylor? It just maybe that I live in "Music City", but each time that I think of your incentive to lose weight and get healthier this year I keep on hearing the, "One Day At A Time" tv show theme song in my head. Perhaps that would be a great theme song to use in the background as you discuss your progress during the taping of your podcast.

Just a thought.

Love you all!

Your Nashville Friend,


Taylor The Latte Boy said...

How funny, Thom, as I heard that song on my iPod this afternoon - I had it from when we were making One Day at A Time jokes on an episode a while back - I never listen to it, but it came on shuffle, then you bring it up a few hours later - how funny!

Thom said...


It must be the Jersey in us.

By the way, we are supposed to get from 3-4 inches of snow over night here in Nashville. Feel free to let Taffy know this. If we do get some snow, I'll try and send you a picture of it.

Maybe we can meet up with each other again this year. It was awesome, not to mention rib hurting, being with you, Taffy, and Babaloo. Perhaps another Labor Day Weekend jaunt...?

Your Nashville Friend,


Cassie said...

I have the loseit app and I love it!