Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PiMC: Episode 118 - Stick It In And Pound, or Broccoli Crotch

We start and end the show talking about Rodan's sex life, and mention all sorts of stuff in between, including Monet, Britney Spears and all sorts of junk and stuff. Be sure to download vPiMC: Episode 45 if you haven't already! We are podismycopilot.com

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Nessa said...

the GH instruments do not work with the Rockband expansion packs. We purchased some used and the guitar wouldn't work. If you have a gamestop in your area, they let you buy games and return it within seven days of you don't like it. At least the one here does. So if the instruments don't work, take it back within the seven days.

The show was hilarious!


David-That Blue Jeans Guy-Byrd said...


As a fellow diabetic, and somebody who has been through a diabetes self-management class, I can assure you that you won't be taken completely off carbs. Your liver would go nuts if that happened. Instead, you'll be put on a carb "budget" that will be realistic, and you'll feel more energetic than you would think. Plus, the pounds will come off quickly.

Good luck with the program.