Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PiMC: Episode 117 - Suckle From Those Tyra Teets, or HANDTIME!!!

It's taken two weeks and multiple tries, but we finally are able to give you a JUMBO sized episode - 72 minutes of PiMC loveliness! (don't worry, they won't all be this long) Taffy takes in dinner and a show at a wedding, Rodan is taking in some Ozark scenery, and Taylor...well, Taylor's taking names!! Lots of TV talk, and we discuss the pros and cons of..."the dirty fuck." We are Pod Is My Copilot.

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Thom said...

Hey Gang!

I thank you for mentioning me on your podcast. I was honestly not expecting a ride back to my friend's house after we got done at Starbucks. It just took him a bit to pick me up. I have a tremendous time with Taffy, Taylor, and Babaloo. Next time, perhaps, the honorable Rodan could join us.

Talking about mixing up words I have a doozy! My room mate said that he had a co-worker that had spinal problems that caused them to take a day off from work. When asked why his co-worker was out, he said, "it's due to a bulging dick" instead of saying, "it's due to a bulging disk".

I loved this episode of this podcast. You always make me laugh out loud. It's been a very rough day and you made it end with a smile. I guess you could say that you gave me a "happy ending". LOL

Love you guys!

Your Nashville Friend,


Kevin Bee said...

Now, I thought that the director's cut of "Glee" was far superior to the original cut. I love the show, but I think that the editing makes it a bit odd. A little discombobulated.