Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ok so...Who says the british are always cordial?

restaurantDining with small children is stressful. You've got a short window of time before kids get grumpy, antsy, bored, and start trashing the place. Kids at restaurants are like ticking time bombs.

A family in England had one such harrowing experience, but it was their waiter who ended up ruining their meal. Craig and Kimberley Cartin dined at a Mexican restaurant in West Yorkshire with their two-year-old, Molly. When they received the bill, they saw "Thank you little fucker" at the bottom of the itemized list.

Apparently their server at the recently opened Cactus Joe's was fed up with the disruptive behavior of little Molly, even though the family was seated in the advertised "kids' zone."

"Molly was a bit grumbly, a bit moany, but her behavior certainly wasn't terrible"

Although I will say...I can't stand misbehavied children in restaurants!

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