Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ok so...Game day

Well...I hate to say it...but UGA is awesome!!! Very big! and very beautiful!.
Everything is big tree's, big mountains, and quaint little college town!

The resort we are staying at is also the headquarters for ESPN, and I have become friends with all the announcers (shocking) they have given me the best tips and ideas, now if only I can work my Taffy magic to score press passes...Maybe they are unaware that I am a co-host to the international jaugernaut that is PODISMYCOPILOT!!!!!

Anyway, the weather yesterday was FABULOUS and of!!! Oh well, neither Lollipop or myself are made of sugar, so we will not melt!

So keep fingers crossed for a rain free night (the game starts at 7) Although the tailgaters started last night...



Crystal in Buford said...

You should come back next month when the leaves start to change and it turns to sweater weather. It's my fave part of the year!!

Sevi said...

Tailgaters here in the Buckeye State start the day before as well and they serve better food and beer than most resturants here.