Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ok, So Things I Think About In The Shower, or A Diamond (Edition) Is NOT This Boy's Best Friend

A disclaimer here: I know that if this is the only the only problem in my life, then things are good. I'm more just looking for someone to tell me what to do (i.e. justify what I am probably going to do anyway.)

So, for the last 7 years or so, I have been collecting Disney Platinum Collection DVDs. More than just the original movie, I really enjoyed the first couple of editions for all the extras, most notably Snow White And The Seven Dwarves. It had TONS of extra stuff that I appreciated, and found the restoration of the film to be really enjoyable. I decided after Snow White came out, that I was going to get all the Platinum Editions because they were the best Disney put out as far as quality and an eye for detail. Plus, there was plans for them to only put out 10 over 10 years (one a year), and I thought rather than buy ALL the Disney animated features, I would just get the best of them.
As time went on, Disney changed their Platinum Edition policy. For one thing, the added a couple of films to the 10, and they started putting them out twice a year, October and March. All in all, it's not that big a deal, I can handle it. I bought the first Blu-Ray platinum, Sleeping Beauty, this Spring, and I have to say, it's a beautiful movie to watch. (Babalu and I reviewed it over on the Pugs and Popcorn website.) Disney announced that the last Platinum Edition they are putting out will be in March of 2010, and it will be a combo pack of Fantasia and Fantasia 2000. Now, say what you will, but I LOVE The original Fantasia, and while I already own the DVD, I will get the Blu-Ray when it comes out.
But apparently, the mouse isn't done with me yet, because NOW, and this is where it gets stuck in my craw, Disney has announced their new DIAMOND Editions - Classic Disney Features on Blu-Ray. And guess what the first one is.
Fucking Snow White and The Seven Dwarves.
Now, I know that it will probably be, for the most part, the same features that are on the PE, and I know that I don't watch the movies enough to really justify buying it. But we're talking BLU-RAY here - high quality sound and picture! But then, the collector in me rears his head and says, "You know, if you're going to get the FIRST Diamond know you're going to want them all." Some of these movies I already own in VHS AND DVD - Do I really need them in Blu-Ray, too? And who knows if five, ten years from now Blu-Ray will still be the standard in picture quality? Am I going to get yet ANOTHER version of this movie?
I know there are film buffs, tech geeks and disney nerds out there that can help me to know what to do here. While I don't think I will lose any sleep over it, it's still something I'm thinking about.
Taffy, mock away.


brothercasey said...

I am a bit of a collector myself, so I would totally buy the Diamond Edition. I can also be an enabler. You know you really want it, so be nice to yourself and buy it. You deserve it!

Drum Riley Calhoun said...

Just buy it. You know you want it.

Ron said...

I and my Disney stock salute you!

PS Someday Rodan's prince will come. Or has she come already?